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Friday, January 1, 2010

Genesis 1-8: The Ravages of Sin

In Genesis chapters one and two we see the creation and population of this world that God characterizes with the words "Good" and "Very Good". In to this world so unlike our world today humanity introduces the unwelcomed element of SIN in chapter three. Beginning with this chapter we see the march of sin that has continued down through the ages unhindered by anything except the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

So what did this sin take the form of in the lives of these two people? Sin entered the Garden as humanity's failed attempt at grasping the power of God to govern their lives through disobeying God (3:5-6). Sin's results are immediate and lasting. Humanity's relationship with God is severed (3:8) and their paradise is forever lost (3:17-19). The home was ravished as sin quickly brought strife (4:8-11) and selfishness (4:19) home to roost. In a flash sin had expanded its grasp, through the willing assistance of humanity, to encompass both humanity's health (5:5) resulting in physical death and the whole world (6:5-7) resulting in a cataclysmic flood taking the lives of all but eight of the human race.

The diabolical march of sin can only be stopped by a divine intervention. The ark typifies God's divine plan to deliver humanity from sin through the death of Christ on Calvary. The ark was given by God's grace according to God's specific plans and completed in the fullness of time. Those in the ark like those in Christ are saved. The only way into the ark is through the one door just as the only way into heaven is through the Lord Jesus Christ the One Door. Those in Christ are sealed by the Holy Spirit and those in the ark were shut in by God. The Lord Jesus must be lifted up on Calvary to purchase salvation from the wrath of God against all sin and so must the ark be lifted up on the waters to provide salvation from the wrath of God against all sin and sinners in the Great Deluge.

This narrative records the reason for all that is wrong in the world. God created it good and humanity messed it up. God offers the only solution and humanity refuses to accept that solution as man continues to go about life seeking to be like God.

Daily Devotional: Genesis 3:1-19 "The Fall of Humanity"

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  1. I enjoyed reading the creation.. and it makes me think if we are worse now then thay were ... and not to mention it did'nt take GOD long to say enough of this madness .Oh my christians we dont have long left to get GOD's word out to this wicked hell bound world!! your sister in Christ. Tammy

  2. You are right Sister. We need to be faithfully proclaiming the Gospel to men in need of the Savior.

  3. The world is not so diffrent today then the time i just read about .we just dont see it so it's not real to us . I can only pray to be as stronge and faithful in the Lord as these men were. We need to stop being selfish with our prayers myself included . please christians let be faithful in praying for one another ,our pastor,his family, our church members and so on and listen and watch what my Lord can do.